Cruelty-free is the new luxury…

Photographer:  Mathilde Bresson  | Stylist:  Emmanuelle Rienda

Photographer: Mathilde Bresson | Stylist: Emmanuelle Rienda

What is Vegan Fashion? Vegan Fashion is clothing and accessories made from cruelty-free sources, no animal products were used in making the garments and gear, and no animal was harmed. Why choose Vegan Fashion? Because animals are sentient beings with feelings. Just like humans have feelings. They, too, have the right to live out their life freely. We specialize in the future of fashion and believe cruelty-free, smart and sustainable innovations are the only way to go. We are experts in the fields of ethical, vegan and smart fashion.

We want to empower conscious brands & humans globally with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration and discovery. This is an experience where fashion meets activism with a deeply conscious twist. We create experiences that inspire...

Create. Showcase. Rise. Participate in the historic & most anticipated event in the industry. The first ever Vegan Fashion Week showcases a curated selection of animal-free designer pieces to elevate vegan fashion in the eyes of the public.

Exhibit. Connect. Network. V/FW offers businesses and organizations [large or small] opportunities to get in front of conscious, creative, highly educated early adopters. With activations and exhibitions, you’ll be able to reach your target audience to get exceptional results.

Participate. Learn. Share. The V/FW Conference features panels that prove the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

Vegan Fashion Week is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


A tribute to the animals & an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.

Photographer:  Natasha Ribeiro  | Stylist:  Emmanuelle Rienda

Photographer: Natasha Ribeiro | Stylist: Emmanuelle Rienda

This is the first edition of Vegan Fashion Week which is an Historic event globally, this event is produced and curated by Emmanuelle Rienda, a published french fashion stylist, creative director & animal rights activist born in 1983. With a background in Art and Marketing, she opened Le Frenchlab in 2008, a creative agency based in Los Angeles. Her unique eye led her to land "Best event of Los Angeles Fashion week" twice, she received the support from the French Embassy and the event made it to the cover of Apparel News. All the event pictures you can find in our official deck are original content from events produced by Le Frenchlab.

With an ethical approach to Public Relations and modern media, Emmanuelle produces outstanding content and holistic strategies. She specializes in vegan fashion, cruelty-free beauty and eco-friendly lifestyle. She represents conscious brands and humans that are kind to animals, people, and the environment. Her work revolves around three verticals: Vegan Wardrobe Styling, Public Relations and Event Production. Her portfolio consists of major and independent magazines, designers and projects that fit her aesthetic and DNA. She is independent in philosophy, attitude and operation.

Her last effort was the launch of a conference series The Future of Fashion, which received the attention of Kanye West, Calvin Klein, Disney and Lucky Brand among others. She collaborated with many important organizations such as PETA, Fashion Revolution, The Consulate General of France, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, LA Design Festival, California Market Center among others.

Her work was featured in the New York Times, Racked LA, NYLON, ELLE, Glamour, WWD, Grazia, Vegan Life Magazine, Vegan Trade Journal, FAB UK Magazine, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Darling Magazine, California Apparel News, LA Canvas, French Morning, Hip Hop Magazine, Public, Muteen (FR), Flavor Magazine (FR), Jute Magazine, Bello Magazine, and more...